Capoeira Malês was founded by Mestre Curisco and Contra Mestre Lua Branca after emigrating from Brazil to the United States and Canada respectively. Their aim is to share their love of capoeira and their wealth of experience with students, based on their shared values of respect, discipline and tradition. Not only are Mestre Curiso and Contra Mestre Lua Branca committed to the preservation and values of capoeira as an art, but also to disseminating the Brazilian culture worldwide and passing on these values to their students.

Our members often volunteer their time to teaching classes, performing, organizing community events, and maintaining the studio. Working together, we stay true to the spirit of Capoeira – community-building, comradery, and great axé or energy.

Nearly a decade after our inception, Capoeira Malês has expanded to offer adult and kid level capoeira, Samba / Afro-Brazilian dance, and Maculelé to over 100 students. We are committed to making arts accessible to the community by offering workshops and providing a supportive community alternative to youth, teens, and adults alike at an affordable or free cost.